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Top Up Tap

Your Water Your Life

Top Up Taps

We’re encouraging everyone to make full use of the Top Up Taps all year round by topping up their reusable bottles when they’re out and about. It can benefit health and wellbeing, saves money and helps reduce waste and the impact on the wider

Use a refillable bottle and top up from the tap with one of the country’s best-loved products – our nation’s world-class tap water.

The benefits of topping up with fresh, great-tasting tap water are clear – it’s good for the planet, you pocket and great for your health too.

Already people in Scotland are making a difference, we’re topping up from the tap using a refillable bottle – 65% of us use a refillable bottle most or almost all of the time – and we’re confidently asking for tap water in cafes and restaurants.

We’re water aware – 62% of us think about the water we use, 86% of us think that Scotland’s water is world class.

The campaign is brought to you by Scottish Water. And to ensure people can continue to top up while on the go, Scottish Water plans to install a total of 70 Top up Taps across Scotland – at least one in every council area – within the next 18 months. Each refill point gives access to free drinking water at the push of a button.

So make using a refillable bottle and drinking tap water part of your daily routine – it’s your water; it’s your life.

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