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Panther Milk

Panther Milk has gained a cult following in Glasgow and now it has arrived in Oban!

Panther Milk or 'Leche de Pantera' is a type of cocktail drink found in Spain. It’s origins are closely linked to the Spanish Foreign Legion when injured troops were given medical spirit with condensed milk as a makeshift pain relief.

There are many variations found throughout Spain, including some made with gunpowder and even marijuana!

Decades later in the 1970s, the milk-and-liquor mix regained popularity among students in the back alleys of Barcelona due to its unmatched ability to get you tipsy — and fast.


Lech De Pantera is served in it’s 3 original variations

Creamy. Sweet and with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top for added bite.

Fruity and milky, a bit like a strawberry milk shake without the berries.

Minty and creamy we think it tastes like a min aero


  • Respect the beast and it will respect you.
  • It should be drunk like wine and enjoyed in good company
  • We will not sell more than one bottle of Panther Milk per person

Enjoy unleashing the beast!

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