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Whisky Tastings Notes


One of the few distilleries who leave their whisky unchil-filtered. This means the proteins are not removed from the whisky. It is said to improve the taste as it leaves in the individual properties and character only present in the distillery. Only downside is that is the whisky is chilled with an ice-cube it will take on a cloudiness.


A distillery exposed to the westery winds which evolves in the aroma. The malt is peated using broken peat for less time than other Islay malts making it less intense.


Reopend in 2001, this whisky is also known as 'the Laddie.' It is Scotland's most westerly distillery to have a bottling plant on site (the others being Balvenie and Springbank)


Has the words for 'westering home' on the back of the packaging. Handy for when the singing starts. The water for the distillery is piped so not naturally peated. The peatiness comes from the smoked barrel.

Caol Ile

Translates 'Sound of Islay' and it is hidden away at the north of the island. Best seen from the ferry to Jura.


Translates to 'hollow where the mill is'


The most medicinal of the malts. The founder of this distillery died in 1847 by falling into one of his vats.

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