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Oban whisky - 'It's Pronounced OH-Bin'

'It's Pronounced OH-Bin' - Oban whisky

International Scotch Day 

To celebrate this annual celebration, Diageo, the multi-national owners of Oban Distillery have used International Scotch Day to launch a couple of videos to celebrate the unique history and heritage of Oban whisky......and encourage our North American fans to banish the mispronunciation of our name.

Oban whisky is enjoyed and talked about around the world so we owe it to ourselves to help our brand ambassadors to get it right, and help put our little distillery on the map for the growing number of whisky tourists.

'It's Pronounced OH-Bin'

In partnership with actor Jack Falahee, Oban Single Malt Scotch Whisky has launched a new brand campaign focusing on the scotch’s frequently mispronounced name.

Here Jack gives a quick education on the Oban distillery – one of Scotland’s smallest distilleries producing an incredibly smooth, craft whisky.

Whisky Tasting

Once you've mastered the pronunciation, why not enjoy a whisky tasting with a local expert who will share more about the history of the distillery and the whisky making process. All our tastings are 60 mins | £30 per person

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Drink Responsibly

Whether you are celebrating International Scotch Day, savouring a dram of Oban or enjoying one of our Whisky Tastings, please remember to enjoy your drink responsibly.

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