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Does Oban have Bounce Back Ability?

Daniel MacIntyre

One of the founder members of Oban Business Club, Daniel MacIntyre runs his own business consultancy alongside being a Director of The View in Oban.

Little Bay Trading Co. provides business development and digital marketing support to a range of brands and clients throughout Scotland. His services include collaborative product development as well as project management and execution of digital and content marketing plans.

Daniel's university education and career started in health and sport, so here he reflects upon a sports analogy to share his thoughts on how the Business Club can benefit Oban.

Business Resilience

The government's 'bounce back loans,' reminded me of the term famously coined by ex-footballer and manager Iain Dowie, to describe his team as showing 'great bounce-back-ability' after coming from behind in a game.

Can the same thing be applied to towns, places and business sectors as we recover from COVID-19?

Bounce back ability

Does Oban have bounce back ability? And if so, how can we promote business resilience?

For me, the Oban Business Club will help encourage a team spirit amongst our business community. It will provide an opportunity for key players to come together and help champion and address our collective needs.

Unfortunately, our bounce back will take longer than 90 mins, so what can we do to help each other recover in the coming months and years?

There is lot of support out there which will help individual businesses in the short term, but Oban also needs to take a medium to long term view of recovery.

To do so, we will need to encourage fresh ideas and club together to respond to the big changes that are going to impact our businesses, jobs and livelihoods.

I firmly believe that Oban needs to collaborate better and innovate faster.

In it's simplest form that means doing business with one another, or maybe having that coffee with another business person to discuss a new product or service development.

On a personal level, in my capacity as a Director of The View, I feel we need to take a good long hard look at seasonality and how we embrace a digital economy to increase our resilience by having more all year round trade.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

One of the benefits of my work with Little Bay Trading Co. is seeing the positive results of digital transformations. The sense of achievement when costs are removed, sales increased and clients get their evenings back.

I'd love to see this applied at a town level, and galvanise all the amazing knowledge and skills that is available to scope out and deliver some smart projects that will benefit us in the long term.

I know that working with new people, and in new ways can be challenging, but all progress take place outside our comfort zone, and 'if you don't start, you will never finish.'

So, for anyone who is interested in a new team approach, I recommend reading The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by consultant and speaker Patrick Lencioni.

It’s not your normal leadership book, as its a fable that describes the many pitfalls that teams face as they seek to grow together. The book explores the fundamental causes of failure, and hopefully provides some insight on behaviours that inhibit growth.

And finally, if you've got innovative new business ideas or wish to discuss collaboration with Little Bay Trading Co. or The View, please get in touch at Little Bay Trading Co.

About the author

Daniel MacIntyre

Daniel MacIntyre


Daniel is an experienced business development consultant, digital marketing manager and director of The View, Oban’s live music venue and bar.

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