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Save Our Venues

Oban's Live Music Trail

Live music is a big part of people’s lives in Oban. As an entertainment venue, The View operates in cultural and creative economy, with live music and late night activities in high demand amongst residents and visitors.

Our venue is at the heart of Oban's 'live music trail' as it is used by many musicians, bands and event organisers plus we support local activities, causes and businesses.

Unfortunately, the current COVID-19 pandemic could lead to the permanent closure and loss of vital and vibrant parts of our communities in every corner of the United Kingdom.

Music Venue Trust

The View is part of a national initiative launched by Music Venue Trust to prevent the closure of hundreds of independent music venues.

We face closure because we are unable to access the full £25,000 grant available through the Government's Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Fund and our insurance claim for loss of income is likely to be refused as per the vast majority of cases.

This puts at immediate risk the livelihoods our staff, and other self-employed workers in hospitality, events and across the creative industries more widely.

Music is essential to the culture and social interaction of our communities such as Oban, so please do what you can to help our independent music venues and keep the music alive.

About the author

Daniel MacIntyre

Daniel MacIntyre


Daniel is an experienced business development consultant, digital marketing manager and director of The View, Oban’s live music venue and bar.

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