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Eco-Friendly Clothes Choices

“great green credentials from using solar power to managing waste-water”

It is often very difficult to know what the best choice for eco-friendly clothes really is. I always feel that natural is best but what if a cotton product is made using a lot of water, in an area of rain fall shortage, and if we pay a cheap price for it so local families can’t send their children to school and water systems are polluted with clothing dye?

It suddenly does not seem like such a great choice. We could consider wool products thinking they are locally grown and then find they are shipped in from New Zealand.

How about only buying fleeces that are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles but what about the micro fibres they release into the environment?

I think the key here is to set your own values and try to stick to them. I try to buy organic cotton clothing made by a reputable company such as Rapanui who have great green credentials from using solar power to managing waste-water.

I like to buy Scottish wool products that are home grown and have not travelled far.

Consider buying outdoor clothing from companies with great green credentials, for example, Patagonia who are careful to support their farmers, encourage regenerative farming to be carbon positive and offer kit repairs.

For sport wear there are more choices appearing all the time, check out Findra Clothing as a great Scottish example and Presca who make recycled plastic cycle clothing.

Local to the west coast we have Whelan on the Isle of Tiree producing hand spun woollen hats from and Crubag (Gaelic for crab) making hand dyed sea inspired silk scarves.

Thank you for your reading this, you can find out more about Skirr my sustainable sport skincare brand at


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