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Green and Ethical Certifications

"to support farming and harvesting techniques which protect the soil and the eco-system"

There are quite a few organisations out there that certify the green credentials of products and companies.

For example, in the UK the Soil Association is the leading organic certifier offering a range of organic and sustainable certification schemes across food, farming, catering, health and beauty, textiles and forestry.

The Soil Association standards consider a broad range of environmental issues including ingredients, farming and harvesting and packaging. They aim to support farming and harvesting techniques which protect the soil and the eco-system.

You might want to consider sustainable work practices and look for the Fair Trade logo which covers food as well as clothing and personal care products.

For larger organisations you might consider 1% for the Planet membership or B Corp certification.

With the former firms pledge 1% of their turnover towards environmentally friendly projects and B Corp is a detailed certification scheme that really challenges businesses to consider all their processes and how sustainable they are.

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