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Support Events That Prioritise Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

"ban single use plastic cups or plastic gel sachets"

When you go to an event, perhaps a sporting event or a festival, think about what you can personally do to reduce your impact on the environment. Better yet choose your events and pick those that are already doing their bit for sustainability.

Check what it says on the event website such as;

  • Do they ban single use plastic cups or plastic gel sachets?
  • Do they offer an opt out of event T-shirts and perhaps an option to plant a tree instead?
  • Do they offer sustainable transport solutions to get to the event?

We can all help to make a difference but if we only support eco-friendly events the rest will soon get the message.

Here on the west coast we have an event with a difference, the Craggy Island Triathlon where you get to swim from the mainland to the Isle of Kerrera before cycling and running round the island.

It is organised by Durty Events who have a new sustainability policy this year banning single use plastic. They are organising an amazing pure adventure race in 2021 which starts in Oban and covers 600km over 4 – 5 days including mountain running, mountain biking, kayaking, orienteering and with a few surprises along the way.

Thank you for your reading this, you can find out more about Skirr my sustainable sport skincare brand at


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Daniel MacIntyre

Daniel MacIntyre


Daniel is an experienced business development consultant, digital marketing manager and director of The View, Oban’s live music venue and bar.

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