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Skirr Skin's 10 Top Sustainable Lifestyle Tips

With Covid-19 our focus has obviously changed in the short-term from the health of the planet to our own health. But some of the stories emerging from this health crisis may bring long-term change for the environment for the better.

One of these is that in some areas of the world people are seeing the stars for the first time and in India there are thousands of people now able to see the Himalayas who have never seen them before due to air pollution.

A researcher from Stanford University believes that many thousands of lives have been saved due to the reduction in air pollution from the cessation of transport systems and there are calls for governments to ensure that we learn from these changes to make sure some of them can be sustained.

I certainly hope that the world will put these lessons to good use and that as we have adapted to live differently to protect our health, we can continue to live differently to benefit the environment.

No matter what happens I am sure things will not go back to exactly how they were.

“although I do try to make the right decisions, at times I could have done better”

During the planning for the launch of Skirr Skin, my new sustainable sport skin care brand, I considered a lot of sustainability issues. I wanted to create products that protect our natural outdoor sport playground.

I considered how my own lifestyle prioritised sustainability and eco-friendliness as I wanted to build the brand on a solid base of values that included protecting the environment as much as possible. I thought about the clothes I buy, the holidays I have been on, the food I eat and the way I travel. Of course all of these have an impact on sustainability and eco-friendliness and sometimes when I reflect, although I do try to make the right decisions, at times I could have done better.

I thought about my future customers and how they want to make the right decisions when purchasing a product. It seems simple but when start a brand you realise how many decisions are required, from ingredients and packaging, to manufacturing, retail and shipping all of which have an impact on sustainability.

“trying my best to do what was within my reach and not just take the easy way out”

Inevitably in starting my own brand I have had to make compromises but not without weighing up all the information and trying my best to do what was within my reach and not just take the easy way out.

This series of blog articles draws on my personal experience in life as well as in being a new entrepreneur and gives you my top ten tips for sustainability.

I am lucky enough to live near Oban on the west coast of Scotland where just looking out the window is enough to remind me how we need to continually make the right decisions to look after our planet with its amazing natural eco systems.

My top ten tips for sustainability and eco-friendliness

  1. Choose your products carefully consider ingredients, packaging, manufacture and shipping
  2. Look out for green and ethical certifications
  3. Consider how eco-friendly clothes choices
  4. Have a staycation and find hidden gems of coastline and delicious local food
  5. Take the train, bus or ferry, get on your bike or walk
  6. Recycle, reuse and repurpose
  7. Find out about your local food producers or grow your own
  8. Support events that prioritise sustainability and eco-friendliness
  9. Get to know your brands
  10. Visit the west coast of Scotland

"we can get frustrated by the complete lack of options"

Sustainability is about how we can all make a difference with our every-day decisions!

So please click on each of 10 top tips above for more detail to check if your lifestyle prioritises sustainability and eco-friendliness.

I am sure you are already doing your bit, but we could all do a little bit more and as customers keep demanding better from our brands.

Hopefully, I have given you a bit of food for thought and you might just consider booking your next holiday in Oban.

Come and meet us and see for yourself why we think the west coast is the best coast!

Thank you for your reading this, you can find out more about Skirr my sustainable sport skincare brand at


Director Skirr Skin Ltd

About the author

Daniel MacIntyre

Daniel MacIntyre


Daniel is an experienced business development consultant, digital marketing manager and director of The View, Oban’s live music venue and bar.

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