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Step inside Fingal's Cave in 360° VR

Boat Trips to Isle of Staffa from Oban

Explore the myths, music and wildlife of the Isle of Staffa and set virtual foot inside the unique, haunting, and utterly unforgettable Fingal's Cave in this 360 degree video!

Click and drag the video to look around and see for yourself why you simply must see landscape of Scotland from Oban - the gateway to the isles.

A 227-foot cavern comprised entirely of hexagonal stone, Sir Walter Scott called Fingal's Cave “one of the most extraordinary places I ever beheld.”

Explore the wonders that await you on your next adventure around Scotland.

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Daniel MacIntyre

Daniel MacIntyre


Daniel is an experienced business development consultant, digital marketing manager and director of The View, Oban’s live music venue and bar.

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