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Save Pub Life | Gift Card Campaign

We want to tell you about a campaign we’ve joined to 'Save Pub Life' whilst our doors are closed.

Like much of the UK we’re shut for the foreseeable future. As a business we have some tough times ahead.

To help us during this period we have joined 'Save Pub Life' - an initiative by Budweiser Brewing Group that gives a unique opportunity to support local venues.

All our customers and wonderful community have to do is buy a round in advance!

From today, people can buy a gift card for The View to be redeemed when we reopen.

Budweiser Brewing Group will match the value of the gift card so that we receive the money from the gift card + the donation. We'll receive this support even though we cannot open.

We’d love it if you could spread the word and help us out until we reopen.

To buy a gift card for your local click the link to Save Pub Life.

From all of us at The View, we highly value your support.


About the author

Daniel MacIntyre

Daniel MacIntyre


Daniel is an experienced business development consultant, digital marketing manager and director of The View, Oban’s live music venue and bar.

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