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Historic Scotland Explorer Pass

Historic Scotland Explorer Pass

Ardchattan Priory

Explore the tranquil ruins of a priory established for the Valliscaulian monastic order.

Bonawe Historic Iron Furnace

Britain’s most complete charcoal-fuelled ironworks nestles in an idyllic setting at the head of Loch Etive, amidst Argyll woodland.

Carnasserie Castle

Admire the view down Kilmartin Glen from one of Argyll’s finest Renaissance residences.

Castle Sween

Admire what’s thought to be the oldest castle on the Scottish mainland, built in the 1100s and occupied for 500 years.

Dunstaffnage Castle and Chapel

Admire the mighty MacDougall stronghold built on a huge rock above the Firth of Lorn, in later years a royal castle.

Iona Abbey and Nunnery

Step off the foot ferry into one of Scotland's most sacred sites, founded by St Columba in AD 563.

Kilchurn Castle

Discover one of Scotland’s most photographed castles in the lochside powerbase of the Campbells of Glenorchy.

Kilmartin Glen: Dunadd Fort

Explore the seat of ancient Gaelic kings, a royal power centre for several centuries.

Kilmartin Glen: Rock Art

  • Get a look at some of the most complex prehistoric rock art in Kilmartin Glen.
  • Uncover some extraordinary Neolithic rock art in a glen rich in remains left by Scotland's prehistoric inhabitants.
  • Try to decipher the mysterious messages left in stone by Scotland’s prehistoric inhabitants.
  • Examine the mysterious symbols carved into rock faces, perhaps as much as 5,000 years ago.

Kilmartin Glen: Dunchraigaig Cairn

Visit an unusual tomb that quite literally stands apart from others of its type nearby. A grassy landscape with the remains of a stone wall that could be mistaken for a small quarry

Kilmartin Glen: Glebe Cairn

Discover something of Kilmartin’s later prehistoric past at this impressive Bronze Age tomb.

Detail of a beautiful symbol carved into one of the Kilmartin Sculptured Stones.

Kilmartin Glen: Kilmartin Stones

Trace the story of Kilmartin Glen through a collection of sculptured stones, carved over a 700-year period.

Kilmartin Glen: Kilmichael Glassary Rock Art

Admire the unusual motifs that make this prehistoric art unique among Kilmartin Glen’s carvings.

Two low cairns with hills and forest behind it.

Kilmartin Glen: Nether Largie Mid Cairn
Admire the high-status burial monument at the centre of Kilmartin Glen’s ‘linear cemetery’. A grave like hole inlaid with stone slates inside a stone cairn.

Kilmartin Glen: Nether Largie North Cairn
Discover rare and unusual carvings within this 4,000-year-old burial monument.

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